What are ways I can contribute to Peaceful Meadows?

Pray ~ Donate funds ~ Join our staff team

Pray for the staff as they work to help clients through the stages of recovery, for the girls and women struggling to recover from an eating disorder, and for the board of directors as they provide oversight to the ministry.

Peaceful Meadows is a non-profit organization that uses donations to help cover expenses, therefore keeping treatment costs lower and more affordable for clients going through the treatment program. Monetary donations can be mailed to: Peaceful Meadows Recovery Center, 2644 Carter Rd, Geneva NY 14456.

The staff team includes recovery coaches, chefs, equine therapists, house parents, and support staff. All staff opportunities are paid positions. Please see our staff descriptions below if you are interested in serving here. To apply, complete the application at the bottom of the page and email to:, or mail to: Peaceful Meadows Recovery Center, 2644 Carter Rd, Geneva NY 14456. For more information on current openings or for any questions you have, contact the office at: 315-759-6010, and ask for our personnel director, Irvin Shirk.

House Parents

Peaceful Meadows is always in need of couples who are willing to spend time there as Dad and Mom figures and create a relaxed, comfortable, Christian family atmosphere for the staff and residents. House parents live at the facility during their time of service and join in on the daily activities, lead out in devotions, help with doing dishes, laundry, maintenance, or anything else that is needed. The length of time house parents spend at Peaceful Meadows can vary from anywhere from a weekend to several months and depends on the availability of the couple.

Recovery Coach

Recovery Coaches follow the daily schedule with the clients, provide meal support at every meal and snack, and offer support throughout the day as needed to help clients complete meal plans, go through workbooks, and do crafts, sewing, or other activities. A typical day includes going on walks, singing, workbooks or Bible study, various craft projects, sewing, and feeding the horses. For a more detailed description of a day’s activities, click here.


Chefs prepare and portion out meals and snacks in accordance with each client’s prescribed meal plan. (Menus are planned by our registered eating disorder dietitian.) Chefs assist with meal support during the meal. After every meal or snack they chart the completed meal percentages and liquid consumption for the dietitian/medical team’s review.

Employment Application