Client Information

What does it look like to be in program at Peaceful Meadows?

Entering the treatment program at Peaceful Meadows takes a big commitment, but we are here to support you every step of the way. If you are interested in more information on what the program is like for a resident, see the articles below or use the Contact Us page with any questions you have. The “Day at PMRC” gives a description of what a typical day at Peaceful Meadows includes, while the “Resident Guidelines” describes what is expected of residents while in program. 

A Day at PMRC

Resident Guidelines

Admissions Information

How can I apply to enter Peaceful Meadows' treatment program?

To apply for admission to our treatment program, the following forms need to be filled out and returned to us. They can be emailed to:; faxed to: 315-759-6029; or mailed to: Peaceful Meadows, 2644 Carter Rd, Geneva NY 14456. An evaluation also needs to be completed by our admissions team to determine whether or not the treatment program may be helpful. Evaluations can be done at Peaceful Meadows or over the phone. To schedule an evaluation, see the Contact Us page or call the office at: 315-759-6010.

See below for the forms Peaceful Meadows uses for admissions. The Pre-Admission form includes billing information and items a resident will need while here, the ROI form is permission for medical records to be released to PMRC, and the Medical Release form needs to be completed by a medical doctor before a resident can enter treatment. We are willing to assist you with any questions you may have and invite you to call our office at: 315-759-6010 or use the Contact Us page for assistance. 

Pre-Admission Form

ROI Form

Medical Clearance Form